Thursday, June 23, 2005

Joy and Frustration

Frustration, thy name is new computer. Glad to have it, but there are those other files and folders to move, and the files that won't open on the new computer, and the wishing that Mac had just stayed Macish, and PCs had not copied Mac's windows, so that Mac wouldn't have been so happy to copy PCs' organizational scheme so that I didn't have to learn so much on such a hot day.

The cool thing, though, was that Keith brought a little THING from work, a USB memory-transfer stick, and that is a HECK of a lot easier than CD-copying. I could've just hooked them together directly and downloaded the whole other thing, only the old one is OS 9.2 so it wasn't old enough. Had to be TEN (X) and have the name of a large jungle cat, or the new one cannot have intercourse with it (social, verbal or cabloid).

I'll probably dream about not finding something that's layers and layers down and trying to get a folder/door to open before a Tiger gets me or something. (Maybe thinking it before I sleep will keep me from dreaming it.) Maybe I'll dream of flying, because I have wireless DSL access now rather than being the last dial-up consumer in the house. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll sleep like a dreamless rock.

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Sandra Dodd said...

Wow. I've had this blog a long time. I have another other computer now (a laptop, from early 2009). My old new computer is my new old computer!