Sunday, July 24, 2005


I'm 52 today. Kirby brought me breakfast in bed. That was sweet. He scared me, though, when he woke me up. And I wasn't in the mood to eat, but none of that kept it from being a really nice gesture. :-)

He stayed and talked a while. He turns 19 next Friday.

Keith and Holly are at an SCA campout in the Jemez Mountains (Lonely Mountain, for those with the need to know). Marty stayed here with us.

This afternoon Marty and Kirby and I are going to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and then to eat out. That's my birthday party, and it sounds like a good one.

Last night my friend Ramona took me to Garduño's and tomorrow morning (which is HER birthday) I'll take her to breakfast.

Sounds like my birthday is all about food this year. I didn't think about it until I wrote it all down. Mostly it's about being with people I like, though, in air-conditioned places.

Here's something about birthday cake: CAKE


Lea said...

welll... lots of birthdays have a theme~ cowboy parties, princess parties.....I'm thinking nothing wrong with a food theme~smile~
Happy Birthday Sandra!

zamozo said...

Happy Birthday Sandra! I hope your next year is as good for you as mine has been for me... thanks to you and your unschooling website!

P.S. my 41st was last Thursday -- we're almost birthday buddies.

Louise said...

Happy Birthday Sandra xxx
Sounds like a lovely way to spend your birthday!

Glenda said...

What a great birthday theme =)! Mine's end of August and it tends to revolve around being in air-conditioned places with friends and family too . . . usually with plenty of food ;-)

I'll ditto what Chris said about thanks to you and your website (and your posts at .info. and on several unschooling yahoogroups) for helping to make my last several months so much better.

LadyBeth said...

Happy Belated Birthday!