Thursday, September 08, 2005

Moonflowers! (and a mystery flower)

Yes, a moonflower bloomed, and dozens more are building up blooming. This one's about ten feet up, so we couldn't get a clear shot (and it's not quite fully open at 9:30, either, but I have hot tub and sleeping-like-a-rock plans because I have a cold).

And then there's a mystery flower came up yesterday and bloomed today. It might be a bulb, but it came up pretty suddenly and without any blades or leaves, just the stalk (about ten inches high) and a freakish, elaborate bloom like the tails of five exotic cartoon birds. Does anyone know what this is!?


jules said...

I've always called those "surprise lillies".....they just seem to come from nowhere.

Anonymous said...

I would love to know what they are also! When I lived in North Carolina I had tons of them come up all over the lawn. I made my husband mow around them cause they are neat to look at and they dont last too long. Enjoy them.
Heidi in Florida

Sandra Dodd said...

Red Spider Lilies

(Tess's husband's photos of wild ones in the woods in Texas somewhere.)

and with google image search I saw lots of things called "spider lily" but only the red ones looked like mine. Tess's were exactly it (and beautiful).

Thanks, all!

Anonymous said...

I've heard them called "Naked Ladies".

Peppe said...

very good

Sandra Dodd said...

Tess's photo are gone now. I'm sad! It was a field with trees in the background. I need to start hoarding images too, I guess. :-)