Friday, March 10, 2006

Marty's scheduled maintenance and other trivia

Marty's been sick lately. Just a little sick, but sick. Slow to think, coughing, uncomfortable. He's going to work anyway, and went to fighter practice with Keith Wednesday night, but between things he's tired. Usually he goes to sleep around 8:00, but he told me early on Thursday that he wanted to go to sleep at 5:30, to take Tylenol PM, and put Vicks on himself and sleep all night. He had used that combination of sleep aids Tuesday night and slept well. He asked me to help make sure it happened.

This is a 17 year old boy with a good social life, who doesn't have to have a job but wants to, who was deciding to do, basically, a systems shut-down for an extended period of time.

So while he was at work, I made his bed, put the meds on his dresser with a bottle of water, put clean pajamas on the bed, and told others in the family that we needed to be quiet enough after 5:30 for Marty to sleep.

He slept until 5:30 the next morning, awoke to his alarm, went to work, and said later today that he felt really rested and strong.

I'm impressed.

Tonight we're going to see HMS Pinafore at Rodey Theatre, at UNM. Musical Theatre of the Southwest (once ACLOA, for the former Albuquerqueans who might read this). Holly, Marty and I are going.

The wind is blowing dramatically, Kirby got a phonecall from a friend he hasn't seen for over a year who will have stories of Baghdad (unfortunate she has them, but fortunate she'll be able to tell them).

And the only other news (I love light news weeks, honestly) is that Kirby got a new video game. He became frustrated with World of Warcraft and cancelled his subscripton and deinstalled it. He told me he had gone out with friends last Friday, and had a good time and felt happy, and the following night he stayed home and played WoW, and felt angry. So he pulled its plug, and the next day went to buy a game. He got Guitar Hero, and since it arrived (except Thursday when Marty was sleeping) it's been played quite a bit. Marty's playing at the moment. I'm on medium level and got a new guitar. Kirby has gone out a couple of nights with the guitar/controller in hand, to play two-player mode at someone else's house.

So it's been a week with lots of activity, lots of rock'n'roll gaming, and yet very peaceful.


Schuyler said...

I love Gilbert and Sullivan. When I was a little girl my dad and I would go see the local productions in Omaha. I'm sure they weren't brilliant, but it was so nice to get to go out just with Dad and watch the musical and talk about it afterwards.

Sandra Dodd said...

There was only one kid there—only one person younger than Marty and Holly that we saw, anyway. It was a boy who was 11 or so, with his dad!

Then there were Holly (14) and Marty (17) and me, 53, one of the other youngest people there. Lots and lots of old people.

They made the set and costumes sort of Mississippi-river-boatish, and the spoken dialog was done with southern-U.S. accents, which didn't keep them from singing about British Tars, and about this paddle-boat sailor being an Englishman. It was funny, and weirdly fun. They had a union jack cloth that was two flags on one big sheet that they used as a prop for this'n'that (not really as a flag ever, so heraldically it was okay, and no weirder than anything else there).

People need to know that operetta if they expect to get more Animaniacs jokes. But now both Gilbert and Sullivan AND Animaniacs are historical curiosities. :-)