Sunday, April 02, 2006

Mountains out the window

The Sandia Mountains, April 1, 2006.

That's the view out our library window. Some people swear by an aquarium for a slowly-moving, soothing thing to see, but I like the clouds and shadows on the mountains out that window.


Tami in Japan said...

Thanks for that Sandra! I was homesick. I'll show it to Andrew later when he comes home. We're still waiting on his offical orders to determine how many months until a Lotaburger!

katie said...

I would get absolutely no reading done in that library. I'm from the flatlands (the highest point in Louisiana is 535 ft above sea level - and that's practically in Arkansas anyway). Mountains fascinate me. I can't wait to see them in person in September.

Schuyler said...

I love the colors and the suburban sprawl. Man, sometimes I just miss good old suburban sprawl.


Carolyn said...

Looks like you're actually getting some moisture as well, or at least the promise. I hear you've had an extremely dry winter yet again.