Saturday, January 13, 2007

A really nice moment

Holly is going to take a babysitting job. The offer was made on a local homeschooling list. When I wrote and said Holly might be interested, the mom wrote back "That would be a dream come true." The day had several conversations about how it would all work out, when she would be working, what she might want to consider.

Late last night, Kirby told me that he had a call back from Client Logic, and orientation was Monday. "You got the job?"

Yeah, he said. It's a call center that does customer support contract work.

When I asked why he hadn't told us earlier, he said everyone had been excited about Holly's new job and he hadn't wanted to steal her thunder. He didn't say it in any pouty way, not any way at all except totally sincerely. He's had new jobs before, and Holly never had, so he let her have the day.

Marty's off at his birthday party. They're going to spend the night at Sadie's house, where the party is. When I see him next, he'll be eighteen years old.

I love my kids.


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

What a sweet moment!

I like your kids, too!

Miranda said...

Yeah, if we lived close, Holly would be our dream babysitter, too!!