Monday, August 01, 2011

Kirby's birthday, part 2

I just finally finished uploading the photos. There were movies and meals and people between then and now. And clean-up. :-)

The cake said "Kirby is the Bomb" because we had candles that were shaped like bombs and dynamite. Just so happens the Tynkers (three of them were here) had a prop cartoonish bomb in the car, and put it out as a decoration, but I don't think I have a photo of it.

It was a very nice (and huge) group (57 people, Kirby listed the next day) and clean-up was pretty easy considering all that went on. As Bo described it on Facebook, "Swords and friends and shots and naked people, haha." The nakidity was a race between Brett M. and Josh A. from the back gate to a nearby (closed) business and back. Brett warned me, so I didn't go down to watch. It wasn't a main party activity, and it had a history, and there are no photos. Good.

Ben in Action:

Will and Ryan at rest:

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Teresa Youngblood said...

"It wasn't a main party activity, and there are no pictures. Good." This got many giggles at my house. But partly because I first read it as, "It was a man party activity..." Thanks for sharing these sweet snippets, Sandra.