Saturday, November 19, 2011

A few images of West Texas

We're all the way to Austin now, but I saved some things to share, from early this morning. In Muleshoe, I found a sort of "Wheel of Fortune" puzzle for you all:

Turning the other way, was a large array of things, all made of steel. Most of it was old steel, but there was one new green girder, and the building just past the International pickup was newish.

That black speck is a big bird; crow, or raven.

In Lubbock, we passed a couple of places that probably had internet (Denny's and a large, local cafe), figuring we would get gas in the car and then find a breakfast place with internet.

Further on I saw a little burger joint about the size of a billboard. :-) I thought the menu might be fun for people outside the U.S.

"HB" would be hamburger and "CB" cheeseburger.

There was also a very current drive-in theater in Lubbock, showing double features of new movies on three screens. I thought of Julie Daniel. This one wasn't set with slanted rows in the old classic style, but was just flat. The screens were set in a triangle, and I we didn't pull close enough to see how the cars were to have been arranged.

We drove and drove and finally saw a truck stop with a cafe called: Tech Cafe

Keith was going to the bathroom, and I stayed out to take photos of a very cool looking piece of farm equipment with which I was unfamiliar, and a special sort of church. It was a non-mechanized something; the wheels turned freely by hand. What's it for??

Having grown up attending a Southern Baptist church, I know exactly what THIS is for:

In case it's too small to read, the smaller print says "We teach 'Jesus Saves'," and "A Ministry of Redbud Baptist Church."

The mail box was for prayer requests, and the blue sign to the left of the door is Romans 6:23, but it's not the King James translation.
For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Wheelchair accessible:

I wanted to post all those photos above so people could see these things before we got to Kirby's house, so I got my computer out of the car and went into the Tech Cafe to meet Keith.

"The Tech Cafe" has a smoking room, all sealed off from the other part.
The Tech Cafe has no internet.
The Tech Cafe doesn't take charge cards; only cash or check.

The food was traditional, unadorned, and presented without any artistry, but it tasted great!


jen said...

Love the variety of tots on the menu, and the misused quotation marks around "Jesus Saves".

We Teach "Jesus Saves". Well, in a manner of speaking He saves. But not really.

Deborah in IL said...

It's a hay rake. It's towed behind a tractor and rakes the cut hay into long windrows for later baling.

Sandra Dodd said...

THANK YOU, Deb, for that video! How elegant and simple, and what a beautiful tool. It's like a kinetic sculpture, like a carnival ride. :-)

Deborah in IL said...

I was excited to find it. I was getting bogged down in words trying to explain how they work, so I decided to search you-tube and that perfect video popped up first. :)

kelly said...

We've just moved to the countryside, and saw one of these in a farmer's field. All the kids got excited thinking it was a mini ferris wheel ride!

Sandra Dodd said...

Yeah, I thought it was just beautiful.

Nobody's guessed that first sign. I think it used to say Evil triumphs when Good men do nothing.