Thursday, March 15, 2012

Jill's visit

Jill, Addi and Luke were here for a few days, and Kirby's visit overlapped them for much of it. That was a good combination and I had fun (and got tired).

The first day, we went to Old Town (while Kirby was still driving up from Austin).

Parking was cheap, but paying for it involved sticking paper dollars into a little hole with a metal tool hanging on a chain. Quarters would have worked, too, if we'd had them..

I'm back-dating this post, which was actually made on March 26.

I should really have taken more photos. :-) We were talking and having fun, eating candy from The Candy Lady (some of which was made right then and there for Jill and Addi), having already eaten at Blake's.

It was a really quiet day there, pretty shadows, joking with the snake-museum guy (we went into the gift shop, but didn't go in to the snake museum itself).

There was this one picturesque dog...

(that car was driving around the plaza)

The next day we went up the Tram, with Kirby. If some of the others have photos, please leave a note to where they are. I don't seem to have anything. I was sure it would be freezing up there, but it wasn't. Even though there was snow on the north side and the kids went down and played in it some, it was pretty sunny and still.

Some of the rest of the time was spent on "Draw Something," which Addi was playing with several people, and we watched her draw (well) and by the time she left Kirby was playing on his iPhone and I had it on my iPad.

Luke figured out how to hook my new projector up to the MacBook. We didn't figure out the iPad, or I'm sure we would have been watching Draw Something on the wall.

It was a peaceful, relaxing visit which made me feel like an insufficient tour guide, but I'm really glad they were here. Holly and I got to visit them in Fort Collins a couple of years ago, and though they had been to SUSS and the ALL Unschooling Symposium (so Santa Fe in 2010 and Albuquerque in 2011), they hadn't been to our house until now.

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