Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Traveling, sleeping

I can hardly believe I haven't posted about the Massachusetts visit, or Life is Good. No time. I've been sleeping plenty (which is good) and visiting and playing games. I've been speaking formally and informally.

There are some pictures from the YMCA camp in Massachusetts here:
on Laurie W's: http://joyful-abundance.blogspot.com/2012/05/massachusetts-allin-may-2012.html

My room in Vancouver, Washington, has a deck, and the view is something like this (only three-dimensional without the distortion):

In the hotel lobby is a computer. It's where I'll print my boarding passes tomorrow, and the labels for sending books on to Pam Sorooshian's house. The background picture seems clearly to be from/of New Mexico.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sandra! Cool photos. :-) I have watched a lot of your videos on youtube and am really excited to unschool my daughter. She is 16 months now and I am really able to see how learning things come naturally to her. She likes to hold up different things to me and wants me to tell her what they are, color, etc. Also, I am looking forward to purchasing your big unschooling book next week!
~Bailey from MN

Heather Booth said...

You had a SWEET view from your room! I so enjoyed spending so much time with you at the conference. I only wish I had got to give you a good bye squeeze. I'll have to double up next time I see you at...Wide Sky Days?

Cap'n Franko said...

Conferences are so hectic. I got to see one of your talks, otherwise I gotta wait fo rthe recordings.

Travel well,