Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bicycle shop in Leiden

On July 3 I was in a bicycle shop in Leiden, with Graham Dusseldorp. It was crowded and exotic. I didn't report all my exciting activities last summer, but now I need to bring the photos here, because I'm using one for Just Add Light and Stir, and want to give it a bit of Netherlands-bike-shop context.

In Leiden, people REALLY ride bicycles. There are family bikes and cargo bikes.

There were lots of baskets, for bikes.

One stack had pink baskets and I said "Barbie," but Graham, whose daughter is much younger than mine, said "Those are Disney Princess." Then I saw the doll seats:

I just made a slide show of the others from that shop. Nothing here is a good photography. It's evidence, not art. :-)

The slide show might not work for everyone; it's a flash file.

Someone left this link, but didn't "enliven" in. Here:

DOH! I didn't see it when it was newer, and now the blog is gone and the wayback machine doesn't have it saved. I wish the internet could be more like metal and less like sand and tissue paper.

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