Friday, January 25, 2013

2013 travels

Links are there for the schedules for the unschooling gatherings in Lisbon and Leiden, and Julie Daniel's conference in Ashford, Surrey (west of London).

Joyce Fetteroll is travelling with me in 2013. We'll visit Ester Siroky's family in the Yarrow Valley, in Scotland. I'm looking forward to that.

Later in the year, Joyce and I will visit Schuyler Waynforth and her family near Brisbane, Australia, and there are plans for visits to a few other places, to meet unschoolers and see the exotic Australian springtime!! In October. Details of that will also be at the blog linked above.

Schedules will be there, but photos will be here, when the time comes.

I'm not planning to travel this way next year, and I'm feeling old, so this might be the last big unschooling "tour." I kind of hope so. The families I'm meeting have been sweet and wonderful, but my kids are grown and I'm feeling old. Holly and I hope to visit India in a year or two, but to shop and hang out.

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