Friday, February 15, 2013

December 2012, Sorooshian and Dodd offspring

Bonny Moss made this video while these kids (all young adults at that time, the youngest 21) were posing for photos. I'm glad there's a video of their posing. :-) Thanks, Bonny!

In the first scene, they are, in order, Kirby Dodd, Rose Sorooshian, Marty Dodd, Roxana Sorooshian, Roya Dedeaux and Holly Dodd.


Karen James said...

Sweet. It's great to see these people I have heard so much about. Thanks for sharing!

Ross Mountney said...

Hi Sandra - so brilliant to at last find your site. Don't know what the hell I've been doing before and why I hadn't twigged enough to connect! I've added you to my list on my site Hope that's okay - I know many who visit my site will find inspiration from yours. If you think your readers might enjoy mine do feel free to do the same. All best wishes.