Thursday, November 07, 2013

Portrait of my van

I've had four vans in my life. Somewhere I have a portrait of the second one, outside the skating rink, when Marty was nine.

Here's the current one, a Town & Country, bought used at CarMax in December 2009.

It had leaves and water on it, and that's a bit unusual, so I took a photo so I can look back at it when it seems antique and hasn't been my van for a while.

The first van was a 12 passenger tan/yellow Ford Econoline.

Next, similar, less fancy, 15 passenger. That was called "the Wildebus," and we went on lots of long trips in it, and it was my around-town car when the kids were young and we took lots of kids, and bikes, and chairs, and as much stuff as we wanted. If that one surfaces, put it here. It finally couldn't be repaired once, and we got a blue...

Dodge Caravan, used, needed transmissions too often, had French Fries down in lots of storage spaces. Wore it out.

Now this Chrysler Town & Country, bought when two kids were still home (as teens), but Marty already had a jeep. We got it because the Santa Fe Unschooling Symposium was coming up and people needed to be picked up at the airport, some in Santa Fe, Some in Albuquerque. Keith and Holly and I were sharing two sedans (now both sadly gone).

I don't suppose my next car will need to be a van, except that once in a while we do take a batch of people out to eat. ANd it will carry things Keith's Prius can't even think of carrying.

I like it when people are posed against cars, in old photos. I like to see photos of cars and trucks on Shorpy and Retronaut.

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