Friday, May 02, 2014

Unfinished projects

In my office, in my sewing room, on my computer, even on my iPad… unfinished projects, writing started, photos not uploaded, notes to myself, lists of things to do.

2014 is full.
I've already been (exhaustingly) to Texas, and then Australia and then Texas again. Now...
Rochester,Minnesota in late May/early June
Santa Clara, California in late July/early August
Camden, Maine in late September (when trees are showy!)
Las Vegas, Nevada in November for the Marty's wedding
Albuquerque ALLive at the very end of December.

In 2015 (an early resolution) I hope to Stay Home a lot. More than I have for years.
It doesn't mean I won't do things for family, and for unschoolers. It means I will (I hope) do them from home, and in the process, finish some of the hundreds of small and large things I've started.

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