Saturday, February 20, 2016

New car

I'll want to know when we bought this car, so I'm bringing notes here for future-me.

Most of it happened Monday, but I didn't say much to anyone at all. I wanted a done deal and a photo before announcing it.

Here's what I posted on Facebook:
Extra key:

Extra car:

The size of a tumbleweed (and a bit more):

Here's what was on the Korean Drama discussion:
I sat in the driver's seat of a Hyundai Genesis sedan the other day, and looked all around and thought... Wow. I didn't want to own it, just to be in it and think about seeing them in dramas. :-)

It was very comfortable, and there seemed to be every automotive accessory and engineering improvement known to man in there. Beautifully arrayed. Solid.

I've had a crush on those little Fiats since they came to town, and Monday Keith took me to see them. We had been once very early, two years ago, to look without salesmen. Yesterday a nice young salesman showed us several models. The big ones were too big—nearly as long as my min-van, so what's the advantage!? The small ones were too small. The sporty one had a seat that only adjusted oddly, by tilting. Keith needs the seat leaned way back because he's over 6'1" and I need it to be nearly straight up to support my back. Some of their models won't do that.
But there were other things I didn't like, too. My crush dissipated. It was infatuation, not love.
So we went to Car Max. I sat in one Fiat I DID like—and was thinking about it. Then I sat in a Smart Car, there, and had a new crush. It was sold, though.
And I sat in that Hyundai, and had a dramatic Korean moment. :-)

Then we went to the Smart car dealer, with me thinking I would order one and let it take its time, but had it not been a banks-closed day (Presidents Day), we would've had one right then, Monday. So we had it Tuesday morning.

Sorry it's not about the dramas, but there's a tie-in.

I'm posting this Friday; we got the car Tuesday February 16.
Today I was feeling uncomfortble about having gotten a car when my van just got new keys (because of a recall), and it's running well. Twice in the past few weeks we've needed an extra car because one was in the shop (Keith's, and then Holly's, and they won't be the last), so though I thought we could really use an extra car, now they're all here.

Keith reminded me that the van is nearly to 100,000 miles. I looked: 99,730. So 270 miles to go. The smart car has 200 miles on it, and had 101 when we got it. Keith helped me feel better.

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