Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Day with Sandra Dodd—18 Sept 2016, Long Ditton, Surrey

Years pass, and people forget, and I don't want to forget this big, wonderful, exhausting day.

I didn't have any notes on this in my blog, so I've brought what Janine, one of the organizers put on facebook. I'm adding it on September 20, 2018 and backdating. When she wrote "we" she tagged to credit:
Julie Daniel
Marta Venturini
Serah Daya
Parvine Shahid
Rippy Saran Dusseldorp
Polly Griffiths would've been tagged but she's not facebooky.

But as you will see in the photos, some of them had male counterparts, also helping. And one of the dads took a batch of kids off and away to do fun things, which was also helpful. Thank you James, Arif, Karl, and Graham. Thank you, Bruno, for making it possible for Marta to be there.

There were people there from Canada (Serah's family), Ireland, UK, Netherlands, Portugal, and other places I can't remember. I'm still tired from that day. Just thinking of it reminds me of exhaustion. :-) I was elated, too, though, because it went well.

September 20, 2016 at 7:25 AM · West Molesey, United Kingdom.

We did it!

Julie Daniel and myself, and a team of the loveliest people you could wish for, created 'A DAY WITH SANDRA DODD' and it was a HUGE success!
The biggest shout out of all, is of course to Sandra. Her enthusiasm, energy, strength, humour, intellect, experience and warmth filled the room, and then some!

And I really could keep going, adding more and more words to describe Sandra, and her wonderfully engaging and enlightening words and stories. All from and about her experiences, thoughts and ideas, of living and learning this incredible way with her own 3 children, (now adults).

A very special lady indeed, and it was a privilege to have her speak for us more experienced Unschoolers, and touch on things most of us had never heard or seen written by her before, and that has truly deepened our knowledge and confidence, and was inspiring beyond measure.
She also spoke for a mammoth amount of time! She deserved an Olympic gold for sure!

And to everyone who helped the day run so smoothly and successfully ☺️

(Some random pics from the day)

Click Memories of speaking in England two years ago for more photos!

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