Saturday, September 01, 2018

Blog names

I want to start another blog. I already have several, for particular uses, and have some that were temporary, to document visits to other countries, or to serve as websites for conferences I put on here, a couple of which were glorified visits from out-of-country guests, for whom I organized some activities with other unschoolers. Those.... I like them. I used them, but now they're archives. I'll link some of those below, partly for my own benefit.

The new collection, I'm thinking, will be about zias and pickup trucks, in New Mexico. Photos of zia symbols, worked artistically one way or another, and of pickups, mostly those parked longterm in people's yards. Many pickups live as a sort of yard art, quietly, and peacefully. Some kind of still run, or are used occasionally. Some await restoration. Some are beyond all that. P.S. on September 14: Named it after all, "zia things" (as in ">

Naming the blog seems important to me. It probably seems more important than it is. In poking around blogger I find some names "in use" that aren't, really.

Someone named Annemarie created a blog called artZIA, using the URL ziaart. She never posted anything.

Thalia used, and saved one photo of some English practice, at "ingles basico 3" thus tying up the use of "zia."

But "pickup" would be easy to remember! would be perfect, except in 2004, "sauce" created that blog, and never posted a thing. Bummer.

The word in local Spanish for pickup is "troca," but that's taken. In 2005, four posts in the same month, by someone in Spain, where they call a pick-up a camioneta. I guess they think "troca" is funny. (Is “Camioneta” Really More Correct Than “Troca”?)

I called my wheelbarrow blog "wheelbarrowThings." I suppose I should go with ziaThings.

Brie and Jonathan are going to help me spot and collect zia art and pickups. But first, I need to finish another project, so because I want to play with the zia collection, I'm more irritated with "the other project."

P.S. on September 14: Named it after all, "zia things" (as in ">

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