Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Drone shots and cemeteries

I used to love helicoper shots in films, and now there are drone shots, which are great.

I also have an interest in cemeteries, and an infatuation with England.

Recently I watched the first five seasons of "Unforgotten," a BBC detective series, and I saved out two cemeteries, to share with my friend Joyce, who has visited cemeteries with me near her home, near mine, and in England, The Netherlands, and Portugal. It's not our main shared interest, but it is one!

The first one, according to the story, should be in or near Liverpool. The other one, not sure, but maybe London or east of there. If I find out for sure, I'll come back. Or if any reader knows, leave a comment!

Sorry for the stripey distortion at the beginning of the first one.

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