Thursday, July 27, 2006

Store Champion

Here's what Marty looks like today.

Tonight he competes in the "Bag Olympics" as the champion for his store. Keith, Holly and I are going with him. He asked us to go in costume too. Then just before his round, he will take off the chain mail, sword and tabard, and be in his work clothes.

If he wins, he gets a little pin to wear at work, a certificate, lots of attention, and $250. Cool.

Nice, weird life. I just *love* Marty.


Heidicrafts said...

Do what you love, love what you do.

Danielle said...

We saw the 1993 version of the Secret Garden. The kid who played "Dickon" looks like Marty, reminded me of him...

Sandra Dodd said...

Marty took third place in the loudest, craziest competition I've ever seen. I'm glad we were there, I'm glad it's over, and I'm glad we're home! That's a lot of glad for one evening.

He seemed entirely happy with his third place, because He's just a happy guy, and I'm glad. I'm glad he's happy.

Sandra Dodd said...

Oh yeah—the winner got a trophy with a cool shopping cart on top. Second place got one with a star or such. Marty got a medallion on a stripey ribbon.

There was screaming, whistling, air horns, a snare drum, a DJ, clapping, cheering, slogans... Our house was SO QUIET after that it was amazing.