Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Eight things about me

I got this from Circle the World in Big, Jen Lynch's unschooling blog.

My blog has been too serious lately, and I have been so forthcoming with details of my life, I don't know if I can name eight things nobody who reads this will not already know. Probably not. So I'll go with things 95% of readers probably don't know (meaning only one of the twenty who might read this might have known). I'm thinking of really old and really new things.

1) My half-brother, who was born when I was 19-nearly-20, got a three-month chip from AA last week. At the age of 34, he finally stopped drinking (or has for a while). I'm sending him a Christmas package, for the first time in many years. Keith and I had custody of him when he was 13 and 14 and Kirby was born.

2) I could read music before I could read English.

3) I didn't have a pacifier, but I used to suck the nose of a rubber scalping Indian toy I had, and I still have it. It still squeaked until just a couple of years ago.

4) I was ashamed to know a lot of country music songs when I was a hippie teenager, but I played for a little dance once (rhythm guitar and sang harmonies, with a band formed of those present) and was surprised to know so many lyrics. Nobody there knew me but my mom, and we were in Tres Piedras, a little cowboy town in NW New Mexico.

5) In my early teens I really, seriously planned to be a Baptist missionary when I grew up. That plan lasted four or five years. I got a Bible for it, and would be named in church on Lottie Moon day as someone to pray for because I had that intent. (Baptist readers might understand "Lottie Moon day.")

6) I think my mother was brain damaged.

7) My dad had two brothers. They both, separately, after I was grown, confided in me about their sex lives. So did my dad, to some extent. So had my grandmother. People just talk to me. I've gotten used to it. (Those three brothers were names Kirby, Rex and John Quincy. Adams, yeah. They were all born near Rotan, Texas, which is near Roby, which is near Sweetwater.)

8) None of my grandparents or parents finished high school, and now my kids didn't go at all, so my high school graduation was an anomaly in my family.

Well... I don't know if that went very far to lighten the tone of the blog this month. I wish Deb Lewis had a blog so I could tag her and she could cheer us all up! For Christmas, I want Deb Lewis to have a blog.

The inevitable "rules":
* link to the person who tagged you
* post the rules
* name 8 things others don’t know about you
* link to 8 other bloggers

So of actual blog owners I know about, I tag
Miranda Demerest in Las Vegas
Katy Jennings in Alamogordo
Vicki Watkins in her bus somewhere around here
Kelli Traaseth in Bemidji (where I have been!)
Schuyler in Cleveland (not Ohio, in northern England)
De in Ohio (not Cleveland. Well maybe; I have no idea.)
Mary Gold in Corvallis
Madelyn in Georgia


Schuyler said...

I don't live in Cleveland anymore. Now I'm in Norfolk, but not Virginia. I move a lot.

Sandra Dodd said...

Darn. At least I had the "England" part right.

kelli said...

Dang, I want Deb to have a blog too!

Hear that DEB! *G*