Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A Contest!

Learn Nothing Day Photo/Image contest with four categories:

Animal, Mineral, Vegetable or Video

Each image submitted should include the Learn Nothing Day logo/art. If you buy a t-shirt or magnet or notebook or something, that could be in the photo. Time is running out, so order soon to get things by the 24th!)

Alternatively, the image in a variety of sizes may be lifted freely for use:
  • Animal: The photo/image should have at least one animal of some sort, and the logo.
  • Mineral: The mineral is... a mirror. Silicon as in glass. Or silicon as represented by a computer. Mirror or computer (not pottery or bricks or sand or rocks, though they can be there secondarily, of course, in any of the photos). And the logo.
  • Vegetable: Plant(s) and the logo. The photo can also have people, animals, whatever... but having a botanical element is the ticket.
  • Video: The logo in a video or animated gif or flash cartoon or something. An image that moves, and that I can put on a webpage.

Images can be profound, or funny, or artsy, or might show people not learning, or learning. Have fun with it.

There will be several-to-many judges, at least two of whom aren't unschoolers and won't know anyone involved.
My relatives are ineligible.
Entry equals agreement to let me put the image on a webpage with other Learn Nothing Day art and materials.
Entrants can be individuals or teams or families.
More than one category is fine.
More than one entry per category is fine.
Entries can be on blogs or other places first, during and after the contest. No problem. Send me an image or a link to the image. You'll still own it, but I want to be able to have them on display all year until next Learn Nothing Day (or indefinitely, if this is the last one ever).

Winners will receive a one-of-a-kind quite-personalized certificate, and a copy of Moving a Puddle or a set of Thinking Sticks. If the winner has all that stuff already, I'll send something else. I don't know what. Depends who wins.

There will be at least four winning entries, and maybe more.

Entries will be accepted anytime, now through July 26, with winners announced by the end of July.

I thought about writing and poetry, but that disturbed me with school-and-teacher feelings. Writing should be for fun and practicality. And so I do apologize for those of you who have been art students and might have school-and-teacher feelings wrapped up in imagery. Sorry about that.

Here end the rules and the disclaimers. You might think of some questions, and that could lead to more rules.
Y'know why it has rules? Because it's a game. Thanks for playing.



Anet said...

Hi Sandra, My son Caleb and I came up with an entry for the animal category. Thanks, we may do a few more!!! Let me know if you have any problems getting it... Thanks again!

Darnia said...

This is fab Sandra...and really just what I needed. My girls were just telling the check out chick they didn't have school holidays (we're in New Zealand and it's prison break time now) I was a bit worried after the daggered looks they shot me there that social services might arrive on the doorstep at any moment.I have placed links on my blog...and look forward to doing nothing. (the girls are already in hot debate mode over what they won't be doing!)

anna kiss said...

Thanks for organizing this and Happy Birthday! We did an entry:

Tracy Million Simmons said...

I just posted an entry! Did I make it on time?

Sandra Dodd said...

Yes, it's fine. Tomorrow's okay too (Sunday). I don't know what I was thinking... I was thinking two days, but today we had a long party (there are still half a dozen people here who don't live here), and I haven't had time to look at things.

I'm about to go to sleep and will check back here the 27th, not too early, either!