Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Today and Tomorrow!

Holly did this. This image isn't the thing. This is a pale representation of the artwork. The original has gone with her dad to work today.

We're rearranging our house some and cleaning up for a party. A big light table from the '70's got moved, and I was telling Holly a little bit about it. It has a sliding straight-edge (ruler) and an outlet on the side to plug other things in. I didn't even get into discussions of hot waxers or anything. Later. Or never.

But I think it got Holly thinking about "real cut and paste." So she came into my office and got the original paper (well, the second one--the first was in pencil, and I traced on another page with a Sharpie), and cut the letters out with an Xacto knife and glued a piece of wrapping paper to the back. The paper has a map on it, and it's not the soft wrapping tissue that comes at Christmas, but the thin but stiff and crinkly kind of paper. Light shines through it easily, and it sounds neat when you move it.

Tomorrow is Learn Nothing Day! But bigger and better for me is today is Kirby Comes Home day. He'll be here until Monday, when he and Holly will go to Austin, and she'll come back next Friday. And Saturday, Kirby and I are having a shared birthday party here. And Tuesday he'll have some other sort of celebration, on his real birthday, in Austin and Holly will get to be there.

Kirby will be 22 and I'll be 55. That's a little bit like Frodo and Bilbo turning 33 and 111 on the same day. A little bit.


gail said...

I'm so happy for you to have Kirby coming home. I can imagine how that must feel. Have a wonderful visit..and hello to Kirby from us all. And also Happy Birthday! 55 is Fun (and I can speak to that from personal experience)

Laura/CenterDownHome said...

Happy Learn Nothing Day! Happy Homecoming Day! Happy Birthdays! Our Jesse's birthday is Sept. 22, Frodo and Bilbo's! (I hope you already knwew that, so that I didn't screw up "Learn Nothing Day".) We spend Thursdays in town skating and gaming, and we'll be wearing our "Learn Nothing" buttons!

kelli said...

Happy Happy Birthday and Learn Nothing Day!

We'll celebrate you and make sure we don't learn anything today! We're in Tennessee with Ren, Mindy and Wendy's families :)

Say Hi and Birthday wishes to Kirby too!

Anet said...

Have a wonderful Birthday!
And Happy Learn Nothing Day too!!!

Mandaroo said...

Happy Birthday Sandra & Kirby! Hope you both have wonderful birthdays!!! (oops I learned it was your birthdays by reading your blog today! darn!)

Lau said...

Happy birthday you both!!!!

Next Learn nothing day I'm going to export it to Spain ;))

best wishes,