Thursday, January 14, 2010

Martin Alexander Dodd is 21 Years Old

I had lost what I had written to go with this post, but have found it, Thursday night, after Marty and Ashlee and friends are already in Las Vegas.

From my own point of view (this being my own blog) a tender, sweet baby survived to become a tall, strong man. I still remember how it felt to hold that baby Marty, how bright he always was, and funny, and considerate.

The painting behind is of me, Kirby and Marty, sitting in a meadow east of Taos, when Marty was a baby. It was taken Wednesday night, his last night of being 20 years old:

This afternoon Marty, Ashlee and three other friends are going to Las Vegas, Nevada for three or four days, to celebrate his birthday.


Tracy said...

Happy Birthday, Mary!

Rinnyboo said...

Happy Birthday, Marty! Have fun in Vegas.

Frank said...

Great photos. Happy 21st, little Marty!

Robin B. said...

He's that great little guy still. Just bigger!

Happy Birthday, Marty!