Friday, January 15, 2010

More on that David Bowie letter

So I had one British newspaper already and it had this on it:

David Bowie sent that one to me, and I've scanned it:

Then a week ago there were some other newspaper articles, and I might've told you sooner, but I was busy, then tired, then kids kept having birthdays! You can click them for better-sized images, perhaps.

And some online articles:

I'm collecting links and accounts in one place now, and am still working on it, but it's here: Bowie Letter


Heather's Moving Castle said...

So neat! Thanks for sharing! ♥

Zenmomma said...

Wow Sandra! Your letter is going international. Very cool.

Noixcoco said...

Wow, got a new respect for you, I'm a big fan of Bowie!

Anonymous said...

That'll be worth BIG $$$ when he kicks the bucket.

Sandra Dodd said...

Oh, yikes, anonymous! I hope he lives a long and very happy life. I've turned down money for the letter before. My daughter will want it. :-)