Friday, February 05, 2010


It's been an odd week of weird and interesting bits and parts. I love odd weeks. I also love dull nothing-happens weeks. I love exciting busy weeks, but I'm glad I'm not having one right now, because the adventures of last-July-through-January tired me out.

My temporary resolution not to leave the county is doing okay. I've been to three neighboring counties, and late in the month I'm going to Colorado, but other than that I'm staying home until August, maybe! It sounds wonderful. And if I change my mind, I'm sure that will be because something else sounded more wonderful.

Today I mailed some onions to Illinois and a bunch of books to Australia, and that was satisfying.

Holly's off to a Scarless concert. She'll meet friends from Los Lunas and Bosque Farms and give them rides home afterwards. Marty's going to drive Ashlee (who's sleeping) to Bernalillo, as far away in the other direction. Keith's heating the hot tub. It's all peace & love here tonight. Most nights. But this one's particularly comfortable.


Sandra Dodd said...

I was actually looking at Marty when that was taken, and thought it looked "Wonder"ish later.

Lynch Family said...

Love the photo--the green in your shirt being reflected up into yours eyes.

Sorry about your computer, same thing happened to my iMac about a year ago. I have a Macbook now, we are good friends.