Saturday, November 06, 2010

Kites (a bird I hadn't seen before)

Toward the roof of the mall below here it's easy to see birds, in contrast to the white roof. I saw something I thought was a hawk, and went to get better glasses and my zoomy zoom camera. Hema's dad said it's probably a kite.

I think this is it, in a wikipedia cut-and-paste:

Milvus migrans govinda (Sykes, 1832): Small Indian Kite (formerly Pariah Kite)
Eastern Pakistan east through tropical India and Sri Lanka to Indochina and Malay Peninsula. Resident. A dark brown kite found throughout the subcontinent. Can be seen circling and soaring in urban areas. Easily distinguished by the shallow forked tail. The name Pariah originates from the Indian caste system and usage of this name is deprecated.[6][7]

My pictures won't be good, but anyway... it was fun to see something new to me. Again. :-)

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