Sunday, November 14, 2010


This was up high on the wall of a patio, to get out of the rain, I guess. Someone asked whether we didn't have those in New Mexico. Lizards, yes. THIS lizard!? Nope.

Pune, India, if anyone wants to ID this.


Gen said...

That's a gecko. They are quite common in the tropics, at least in Hawaii. Finding one in the house is considered good luck. They are harmless and eat bugs.

Sandra Dodd said...

Thank you!

MANJ said...

We have a lot of them in our house in Southindia. In every size and age. Thanks for the good-luck-information Gen! :-) I didnt know this. But I love them, and always miss them in Europe :-)
Sandra, I just found your Blog and i really enjoy it! Thank you for sharing all this!