Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day fashion moments

Holly and Marty in green, before they both left. Holly's going to the birthday party of the friend of a friend. That means new friends.

Marty goes to role-playing on Thursdays, but one of their regulars works at an Irish pub so is doing a double shift. Because they can't do the regular game without Ben, Ashlee went with Marty, and Ryan is taking Beth, to the gaming evening, and they'll play board games.

Holly's wearing a dress that was mine in 1970, when I was first in college. I was seventeen, and had it hemmed up shorter. Styles change. It looks really cute with Holly's hair and all. Nice.

The silver churidor (?) pants are from the mall in Bangalore. She's also wearing a nose ornament I got for her in India.

Holly's learning to play guitar, and got a new case for the Ventura guitar I got when I was a teen, too. Very nice case. She's learning quickly and seems to be having fun with it.

Last night she got to help record some backup for a group she likes, for a performance she'll miss because...

Holly and I will be together for a week, going to the InHome conference in Illinois. I'm looking forward to that. She's pretty jazzed that there's a dance Friday night of the conference, and a yoga session.

Soon after we get back, Kirby will be here for a week.

Keith goes back to work on Monday, after six weeks home following shoulder-replacement surgery. He's making progress that impresses the doctor and the physical therapists, but he's still frustrated at not being as good as new yet.

Both of our cars were in the shop yesterday. The van was making an increasingly irritating sound, and though it was hard for them to find, it was a piece missing from the brakes. It's fixed. And the Taurus that Holly's been driving got new tires, so we're all strongly mobile again, though we're still sharing two vehicles among three drivers. Marty and his jeep are fine. :-) We'll need to share with Kirby, too, because he's coming by car, with his housemate.

Most of this I'm writing for my own benefit, so I can look it all up later.


Hema A Bharadwaj said...

Very striking and "super-woman"ish.
Happy Patty day to you all. We are into our 3rd celebration of Holi here in India. Loads of color tomorrow and not safe to walk outside unless you are okay with color on you.

Hema A Bharadwaj said...

wait wanted to explain the super-womanish bit... silver leggings always remind me of super heroes... not sure why.. Plus in one of the photos holly looks like she is about to take off.

Sandra Dodd said...

I hope you will post some photos on your blog of colorful Holi excitement!