Monday, May 09, 2011


I have a #4 for my collections of unschoolers' milestones. Kelli Traaseth, here:
And I'm mere days from leaving for England, where I love seeing real milestones.

The insurance company (one of them; it quit mattering which one after a while, as they'll tussle it out without us) will give us $3000 for a signed title to our sadly totalled ten-year-old Ford Taurus. That will go in on a sedan Keith and Holly will choose before long, while I'm gone.

This afternoon we are signing many papers, for a re-finance on the mortgage. I'm glad Keith understands and pays attention to these things. He's a good house-provider.

Then, related to his house-providing ways, he's going to Phoenix for three days, on Honeywell business. He'll arrive home Thursday night, and I leave for my Big UK/France adventure the next day.

The tile will be finished before Keith gets back (meaning grouted and aged enough for installation of the fixtures). Here are some older in-process photos, not in order, probably.

I double checked, and yes—hippie-art IS required to have a sunburst.

The scanner and copy machine both helped in various ways in getting that design from the table to the wall. Masking tape wasn't really strong enough. Box tape stuck to the latex gloves. and then for a reason I can't figure out, the designs on the paper were bigger than the space on the wall. So I put in my favorite bits, the corners, the edges, and sometimes made custom pieces to fill in odd gaps, and kept messing with honest scraps from other cuttings to go in where they could.

I think I'll be happy with it, but right now I'm kinda tired of looking at it. AND it will match the brown-with-white-details shower right above it in Holly's (Kirby's-old) room. But nobody can see them both at the same time. :-)

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gail said...

I love the sunburst! Look forward to seeing it next time we're out your way :)