Friday, April 29, 2011

Holly, the Taurus, Tuesday, April 26

For the record, for when we check back someday wondering when this happened.

Amanda Espinall was with her. Neither was really hurt, past scared and headache. Holly had a head bump/scratch that didn't bleed. Both felt a little achy the next day, but not enough they wanted to go to the doctor about it. They were on Carlisle going north south just past Constitution, when a truck a few vehicles up stopped to turn left. Not a good plan. The road had just gone to one lane there on the way to Lomas, and the cars stopped quickly. Holly stopped and didn't hit the car in front. The car behind her, though.... hit Holly, who was slammed into the one ahead of her, which bumped the one ahead of that. So four cars, our car the worst off. The woman in back had a cut on her forehead and the paramedics bandaged her but didn't take her away.

Insurance got us a rental car two days later, but Holly's too young to drive it so she and I are sharing the minivan, and Keith's driving the rental until more is known and settled.

I wrecked the Saturn two years ago this month. Our collection of sedans has dwindled to nothing. Keith has an old convertible Plymouth Valiant that's been gradually restored, in theory, I hear, and there's talk of stepping that up and Keith and Holly will share that some.

In other for-the-record news, Marty, Ashlee, her friend Veronica and I watched the wedding of William and Catherine last night, and then I fixed breakfast for us, we watched the balcony kiss(es), and then all went to sleep. (For me, back to sleep.)


zamozo said...

What a scary looking accident! I'm happy that Holly didn't get hurt too badly. I hope she's feeling healed and confident again soon.

I've enjoyed watching recorded coverage of the wedding but Zach was not interested so I couldn't quiz him about all the sights and geography. Have you done the Royal tour when you've been in England? If not, do you plan to this next go around?

Sandra Dodd said...

I saw the White Tower years back when it still had all the armor (since moved to Leeds), and there's a lot of history there. Julie took me to see the changing of the guard at Windsor last time I was there. But royal sites isn't my fave thing. I just like cultural this'n'that, architecture, candid sights, old churches. Graveyards and charity shops. I'm cheap and easy. :-)

Lissa said...

Yikes! I'm glad Holly is all right.

Holly said...

It happened Tuesday the 26th.

Holly said...

** and we were driving south, towards Lomas.

Sandra Dodd said...

Right, Holly. I remembered later that I was thinking "Monday" when it was Tuesday, but forgot to come and fix this. So I'll change the text above, but leave the notes that show Holly pointed out the errors.