Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Delicious, malicious nachos

Last night I played a game called Wise and Otherwise with *all* my kids and their friend Zack, and a "not your" (nacho) cheese joke came along.

This morning on twitter there were two similar stories by two different friends:

bonnyglen Melissa Wiley
4yo, singing: "I'm delicious, mean, and scary." 12yo: "Um, sweetie, you mean MALICIOUS."

hahamommy diana Jenner
Hee hee, random 20 year old memory: the Deaf kid who signed Macho Man as Nacho Man for talent show :D

and also from Diana:
hahamommy diana Jenner
Making Na'chos for the Boy. Spell it like that because my brain signs "Not Yours" every.time.

So there. Proves nothing except I know interesting people and that I am merrily and easily amused.
I need a photo to go with this. Just any photo.

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