Sunday, April 17, 2011

International Goat Cheese Day

I'm sure it's only from my own perspective, but this morning I got up to read my current-favorite blogs. Beth Full wrote at
It was finally warm enough to enjoy our lunch outdoors. We had a fabulous lunch at a cafe near Les Halles that was perfect for people watching while we ate. We shared an appetizer of crispy goat cheese drenched in honey served over salad. So delicious! Emma had a ham and cheese crepe and I indulged in a fabulous quiche. Dessert was strawberries for me and a sundae for Emma.

At Brenna McBroom's reports on her travels in India (
Blake asked what kind of cheese our teacher was using for the Spinach cheese dish, and Lhamo replied earnestly ‘cow cheese’. He went on to reassure us that we could use ‘any kind of cheese’, including ‘cow cheese, sheep cheese, goat cheese, yak cheese’. Mmmm.

I went with Keith to Costco the other day. He usually goes, but just as he was walking out he asked me to go and I went. They had a stand of imported cheeses, and I picked up some goat cheese with figs. It is WONDERFUL, and I made some bread just to go with it.

I didn't save the label, so I looked it up. When I bought it, I was told they probably weren't going to have it there always. It's from Canada.

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