Friday, April 01, 2011

Interesting review of my book :-)

This is a good sort of review, from a mom named Heather:

Austin and I went to the zoo the other day. We ran into several parents ignoring children as they walked behind them crying or saying things like, "Hurry up! Or I'm going to leave you!" Austin was getting very frustrated and feeling really sad for these kids. He said to me, "Mom I really think when we leave the house you should have a backpack full of Sandra Dodd's book and when people are being mean to their kids you should hand them one."

I wanted to share this story with you and say thanks for the impact you have made on me. I've changed and Austin sees that and wants it for other people.

Oh! Eight minutes after posting this, I saw a comment on an Edinburgh home ed site:
Sandra's Big Book of Unschooling changed our family life in so many positive ways I'm really looking forward to hearing her speak in person.
(I'll be speaking there May 21. ***)

Holly and Ljuba in the not-very-wilds of New Mexico, looking at tumbleweeds and prairie dogs.

Note for future photography: To take a photograph of someone holding a single tumbleweed, avoid having 180 tumbleweeds in the background. (No, I didn't count them.)

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