Monday, July 11, 2011

Ducks in the air, on the phone

After we left Portstewart, Julie and Sarah texted back and forth their best and some of ours. I was taking notes, too, and thought of some more in the plane. Obsessions end, eventually. Or they become the collections of eccentrics. Oh. DOH!!!!

Enough duck, let's fight.

An unexamined duck is not worth having.

There is no "duck" in team.

♫ All we are saying is give peace a duck.

♫ Fat bottomed ducks they make the rocking world go round.

♫ Get on your duck and ride.

Sooner or later you end up with the duck you deserve.

♫ Mama, I just killed a duck...

No woman, no duck.

♫ Get up, stand up, stand up for your duck.

Blessed art thou amongst ducks.

When one duck closes, another duck opens.

♫ Ruby, don't take your duck to town.

A man loves the duck in his youth that he cannot abide in age.

Live duck, die young.

Don't let your duck take you from behind.

I am the god of hellfire and I bring you... duck

♫ The biggest kick I ever got was doin' a thing called the crocodile duck

♫ Don't stop 'til you get a duck.

Eyes on the duck! Eyes on the duck!

♫ Raindrops keep falling on my duck.

With this duck, I thee wed.

Once upon a duck

♫ Then I saw her face now I'm a duck
Not trace of doubt in my mind.

Once a duck, always a duck.

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saralexis said...

My attempt at our rules in logical notation

(A ¬(D ∨ U ∨ C)) ⇒ K

A= the word to be replaced
D= an animal name
U= the first word in the sentence
C= rhymes with duck
K= 'Duck' in this position may be funny