Sunday, December 02, 2012

Cocooning and other stillness

Sometimes I get still. That's good, because sometimes I don't, and can't. If I were that zippy all the time, my body, mind and soul would probably wear out.

I'm in a quieter phase, sleeping more than usual, playing video games, watching "The Mentalist" on DVD, working on my webpage a little bit, and just thinking.

When I was younger and I would change, I thought something was wrong with me. I was under the mistaken impression that personality and mood should be constants. Life is better when I think of those fluctuations as tides, or as the weather of the soul.

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Hello the Mess said...

I, too, would feel that way about myself and change when I was younger. Now when I change I look forward to the new season into which I'll be going.

Amy said...

Ahhh yes, I love this.

welivelearning said...

One of the biggest "changes" in my life was when I "discovered" you, unschooling and mindfull parenting.

Thanks for all.

Yvonne Laborda.

Sandra Dodd said...

Thanks for the sweet feedback, Yvonne and Amy. "Hello the Mess," I'm that way too, now. Hopeful and expectant. :-)

Tigerfly said...

Until I just read this I kind of thought maybe I'm a little bit manic or something lol but you are right, that is what it is :-) I won't wonder anymore I will enjoy the tides ;-) thank you....btw thank you for being the biggest inspiration in my life. I love your unschooling website and visit it often. I silently read on always learning. Unschooling has changed my world (and my children have always been unschooled because I found this way early enough). I'm not a perfect unschooler.....whatever that is, lol, but I try, i'm always trying and learning and growing. So a huge thank you for all the time you give. Giving people a great philosophy to live by is one thing but actually helping people to put it into practice is so much more xxx

Sandra Dodd said...

Lots of people are manic sometimes. That's a good time to sew, or paint, or dig in the yard! Or sing and dance with kids. :-)

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