Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ability and opportunity

Climbing the walls…

This image went around recently. If anyone knows the origin, ownership, or name of the climbing boy, I'll add them! I wanted to put it next to a photo of Holly years ago, and have a place to add others if there are others to add to this (so far very small) collection.

Amanda wrote: Hello! Here's a pic of my daughter, Katelynn, I would like to submit for your Climbing the walls page.

Kes Morgan-Davies, added November 2015:

Ethan James, added November 2015:

Harry Woodman:

Caitlin, added September 2018:
Annie Regan, the mom, wrote: "Caitlin would have been 8 in these photos (she's now 13). We have quite high ceilings so she's up above the doorway."

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