Thursday, February 26, 2015

David Bowie letter.... read aloud in a performance

Peter Serafinowicz read the letter David Bowie wrote to me aloud, in a sort of concert of letter readings, and it's been more than a year. I never heard of it. I was looking for something I'd written about Kirby and Marty playing with friends when they were very young, and somehow in the google search this came up:

Letters Live, a review, was posted in December 2013. She wrote "Peter Serafinowicz giving life to David Bowie’s adorable letter to Sandra Dodd, his first self-proclaimed US fan who wanted to start a fanclub"

It's awkwardly worded. I had no idea I was his first American fan. He said in the letter that I was!

Really they should call that letter "David Bowie to Sandra Adams," but because it was found on my website and that's what it was first called, it stuck.

I wrote to the editor of the book, when I saw that the owner of the blog Letters of Note was publishing on paper and asked, if he had used my letter, if I could have a copy, but he didn't write back. I don't think it was in the first volume, though. I think that one was notable people to other notable people. Even that blog post, though, links to the letter on my website. Nice!

Because my letter was one of the first ones he published, it was in the top five most popular for a while. Now it's on the most popular ever, where a few dozen out of 900 are listed. "+ My name is David Jones" is the file name there.

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