Sunday, February 08, 2015

The Last Razzle Dazzle

Not my video, but the caption said: Published on 24 Jul 2012
On ride clip of the only surviving Razzle Dazzle left in the World. Widely recognized as the first white-knuckle ride in the World & the forerunner to many of today's novelty rides. Filmed during the Fairground Weekend & Mechanical Organ Gathering in July 2012, where the ride returned to service following a refit

I was at the Hollycombe Steam fair on the Mechanical instruments weekend in 2013, with James, Julie and Adam Daniel, and Joyce Fetteroll.

My photos of that day (July 21, 2013) are here:
Hollycombe Music Box Day

And the first time I was there, June 26, 2011:
Hollycombe, June 26, 2011

I'm planning to go there in September 2016 to see it with the electric lights on, which they only do in late September and early October, for three weekends or so.

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