Wednesday, August 30, 2006

one week to the conference, and an unexpected day

I was going to write this morning when it WAS one week...

Monday was filled with an quickly planned trip to Española (Santa Cruz, actually; didn't go all the way into Española) for the funeral of Bertha Martinez, the mom of my friends Ymelda and Dodi. It was in a church in which I played and sang for guitar masses when I was in high school. (I was Baptist, but friends wanted me to help with the music.) It's a beautiful church.
Holly was with me. We went to the cemetery. I had brought the coordinates of the graves of my dad and of my friend Charles Montoya. I will add to those pages, as I come across things.

Then we went to the Upaya Zen Center to deliver a couple of boxes of books for use in their prison outreach program, and on to the reception, which was at The Immaculate Heart of Mary Retreat, off the Old Santa Fe Trail near St. John's College.

It was a good day in northern New Mexico, and nice day with Holly. She helped me take notes on things I want to be sure and include in the talk called "Big Noisy Peace."

On the early edge of last weekend, Lillian Jones was here for a couple of days. That was fun!
On the latter edge of this weekend Diana Jenner and Kelli Traaseth and their families will be here a day and a half or so (two sleeping nights) before the conference. Busy week, but lots to look forward to.

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Anonymous said...

How blessed I was to see you and Holly at Mom's funeral and the reception afterwards, Sandra. What a dear, loyal friend you are. Thank you for caring, and for being there to support us.