Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Not-so-Scary Movies, about Parenting

I was working on my movies page, making the list below, and realized that they're all about parenting. I don't think any of them seem like it, from the previews, which is the topic of that page—movies that are made to seem really scary by their trailers, but aren't so scary.

The Village
I was afraid to watch it for a year, and finally rented it and planned a daytime viewing. That fear came from the trailer. There is value in the trailer, but if it keeps you from seeing the movie, that would be a shame.
One Hour Photo
I love Robin Williams which is why I watched the movie, but it's easy to forget it's Robin Williams, beause he is playing in every possible way opposite of the person he is, except for a kind of sweet sadness. This is not a horror show or a slasher movie.
Once Were Warriors
Don't get me wrong, this one is hard to watch and it's violent and there's blood. To judge from the trailer they showed in New Zealand, it's nothing BUT that, and that turns out to be the case. Living in New Mexico, I saw the NZ trailer after I watched the movie on DVD. I had already had some Kiwi Unschooling moms say they couldn't or wouldn't watch it, though. Having seen that trailer now I absolutely understand why. Still, I'm glad I saw it.

I don't think I would watch it with pre-teens. Anyone wanting more excellent vague advice can write to me at the address in the bottom notes below. There are certain sensitivities that might make it more difficult for some than others.
It wasn't until I had written all of what's above and got to the last note about "certain sensitivities" and was thinking about mothers that I realized all three of those movies can bring about a great deal of thought about parents and children.

The not-so-scary page is here. I don't want anyone to post comments here that give away any plot parts or endings. Thanks.


lesa said...

I absolutely LOVED The Village... it's not what it seems to be and I never had a clue... it is a MUST see. :)

Danielle said...

I highly reccommend netflix.com

Sandra Dodd said...

We really like Netflix, and rented those three I mentioned through them!

Danielle said...

I read your essay on learn vs. teach. I get it now. What a poohead am I.

Sandra Dodd said...

Hey, people tried to get you to read that at the time you were sure there was nothing to get! But if you believe words matter, it's harmful to refer to anyone (even yourself) as a "poohead." Seriously.

(The writing to which this Danielle is referring is here: Teach vs. Learn)

Danielle said...

I was being silly when I said poohead.

Sandra Dodd said...

If I hit someone with a car it won't help if I say "I was just being silly." If I wound someone with words, or a joke, they're still wounded. If one wants to examine the idea that words have power, connotations, meanings, roots in our minds, then it's important to look at that without being defensive or silly.

That's not about the topic, though, except in the way that parents can benefit greatly from stories of parenting. They can learn how to be good parents, even if they can't teach themselves how to do it. :-)

Danielle said...

I also loved your essay on "Spoiled children".
Keep up the good work.
You are awesome.

diana said...

As always with the M. Night Shyamalan movies, The Village has it's share of cool "oddities"... did you notice the clothing variations of the villagers? It took a second and third viewing for me to catch the subtle cues...
I think you should add 6th Sense to your list (look for Red in that film) as it drives home the need to trust and believe chidren... and Signs (it's full of connections!) as it's really about the little things in life making sense in the Big Picture.

Melissa said...

Not much for scary movies myself but I did watch "The Village" at home with the hubby. Maybe the movie belongs in a new category? Intellectual thriller? I enjoyed it.

I wanted my kids to see it and recommended it to a friend and her kids not thinking anything in the movie would be too scary. Her kids did get really freaked out by one part though. Different people, different reactions!