Thursday, August 17, 2006

Three weeks until the conference

In three weeks there's a big unschooling conference in Albuquerque. It seems such a short time! But unlike with conferences in other states, there are some things I don't have to worry so much about. I don't have to decide which clothes to take; I can come home to my closet. Someone can come home and feed the cats and the dog. Keith and I will probably stay home most nights, and kids might be in and out because I don't know if the boys will take all those days off. There will be people staying with us on either end of the conference, I think, at least little visits.

I ordered more copies of Moving a Puddle, a couple of weeks ago. Rue Kream had two crates of Parenting a Free Child sent here from the publisher. Mine should arrive soon. I've been making sets of Thinking Sticks, which is a pretty involved process, with three inserts, two of which needed to be updated, then they're printed and intricately folded and blah blah blah... Holly and I have been collecting tie-dyed garments for resale as frolicking clothes and cheap souvenirs. Some of the things are clothes from when she was younger, but some we've found at thrift stores. We've had fun outings.

Every day or two I think of something good to add to the talks. One is called "Big Noisy Peace," and the other "Flow."

I've spoken at over two dozen conferences now, and usually do two to four presentations. It seems I'd be more used to it now, but the whole thing still looms large, and the days are starting to go by more and more quickly.

When I'm feeling stuck, I go and pull weeds or gather kindling or switch out the laundry. While I'm doing non-verbal things, verbal thoughts come to me. When I'm doing verbal things (reading e-mail or working on my website-without-end), the non-verbal things come.

Same as usual, only more urgently as the conference comes nearer.

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