Friday, September 15, 2006

Moonflower Explosion

There are thirty or so tonight. Stunning. Marty said he'll see them in the morning. I forget he goes to work before they close.

It's hard to describe the color. They're white, yeah. But there's a satiny, silvery pearliness to them. And they're big--five or six inches across. And each lasts one night.

The loop makes it seem they're everywhere, but they're on the south and west sides of our bedroom, in the back. There's noplace I can stand to get a photo of them all, and no way to show what they look like without the flash.

They're making my life better, these moonflowers.

The original loop of photos had disappeared. The host seems to have folded. I made a new one in April 2009.


Anonymous said...

After the winter I am going to try again with the moonflowers and the morning glories. I always thought that was a cool combo!


Christi said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I just finished a book that had night blooming flowers. Timely.

kelli said...

Awww,, man, they ARE beautiful!

When we were at your house and I was admiring the 1 that was blooming at the time. *g* And you were a bit disappointed that there was only 1. :) Now I know why.

Nice footage!