Saturday, September 23, 2006

The trip to Silver City

Marty, Holly and I drove to Silver City (from where this report comes). First, we listened to Little Shop of Horrors, and were happy to discover that the intro says "on the 23d day of September..." and it's September 23! We stopped in Socorro for breakfast. On the way out of the restaurant, Holly greatly amused an older lady by stopping and saying "OOH! I love this song!" and hanging back to hear it. It was "Carousel," by The Hollies. So when I got back in the car I quietly slipped in the "Best of the Hollies" I had brought.
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InTruth or Consequences there's a McDonald's with tile, and a neon sign stating that that they use Bueno brand green chile.

Then we went to Hatch. Some of the conference folk had asked about "Hatch" a couple of weeks ago, and it's a farm valley. Here's a photo of the Elementary school.

Holly fell asleep. I took a video of the sky, but the sound that should've been Weird Al singing "Yoda" glitched up or was overwhelmed by the wind. It started raining right afterward.

Good clouds, lots of hawks.

We've been to the wedding, but those photos haven't been uploaded yet. There was a mariachi group, all female, from El Paso called Mariachi Flores Mexicanas. They rarely used the trumpets and had no big bass guitar. Lots of violin, two guitars, three-part harmonies. They did at least eight songs during the mass, including Ave Maria. The most surprising part was one prayer with mariachi responsorial parts. The priest chanted his lines and that musicians sang and played theirs. Pretty cool. This was at the Santa Clara Catholic church in a teensy town called Santa Clara and also Central. As "Central New Mexico" is a common geographical term, and Santa Clara Pueblo, in Northern New Mexico is much larger, neither of its names is going to catch on big. It's only five miles from Silver City, so nobody but locals need to know anyway.


Jennifer Folt said...

So...even Mickey D's serves green chile out there. I'm so jealous! I feel in love with green chile while out there last month :-)
There's no good green chile to be had out here.

Jennifer Foltz said...

Oops. I mean I FELL in love with green chile.

Sandra Dodd said...

That video has Holly at the end, but it cuts off. If you move the little advance-video bar to the end yourself you can see her asleep in the back seat.