Saturday, July 28, 2007

Lucy and the Virgin Mary, friends, dogs and babies

I was looking for these

and I found this:
There's no relation, but I thought it was beautiful.

It's the Virgin Mary, from the blog of an American Catholic in Korea. Very nice art. Peaceful and beautiful.

Kirby is moving in less than a month. Today, again, all three of my children are home. My husband is home. The five members of our family are all at our house at the same time, with no extras. I don't mind extras, and I don't mind them being out and about, but now that Kirby has an exit strategy, as it were, I have become hyper-aware of who's where when.

Tomorrow Kirby turns twenty-one years old. Another landmark that doesn't show. Another milestone that's not made of stone at all. I'll never be young again and he'll never be a baby. But in my head, in my heart, there he is—baby Kirby.


Schuyler said...

I love that song. Simon and Linnaea like to sing it too. But right now they are killing each other with light sabers. I think Simon has lost a leg and Linnaea a foot. They might not get much older.

Jennifer Price said...

This post made me unexpectedly teary-eyed.
I should really read your blog more often.