Friday, July 13, 2007

Lyrics Game (Encore)

Although I've announced this a few odd places, a friend who reads this blog didn't know. Sorry.

I'm putting up a word or two a day for people to consider. When Encore is played in person, teams take turns singing phrases of songs at least eight words long. It's different, doing it in writing, but still fun to think through and fun to read posts...

Anyone who wants to come and play is welcome.

Incidentally, there are assorted photos of things and places in my yard, and such. When I run out of these I'll need to take dice and game pieces out into the world at large. Soon.


Tina H. said...

Have posted a link of your blog on mine.
If this is not ok, let me know.
Thank you,

Sandra Dodd said...

That's fine, thanks! I hope some of your readers come to play the lyrics game.