Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Look what Holly knows how to do!

This is a dress I had from my late teens. My dad got my sister one and then I wanted one too. I couldn't believe that after years of telling me not to wear miniskirts, he had gotten my sister a scooter. Scooters were so short they had matching panties. This one does too. It fits Holly now (and hasn't fit me for a LONG time ).

But look what Holly did with photoshop! She amazes me. This is awesome:


kelli said...

Very cool.

And this is funny...just 2 minutes ago I was asking Abbi if she wanted to look for a Photoshop program, I was saying, remember what Holly did with putting herself all over the place on those one pictures. *g*

She's hesitant because she had heard they are so expensive. She's doing some writing on a board where she could use Photoshop to create her signature. I think I could find an older one or simpler one that would be affordable.

Anonymous said...

Cool! I love how the hair highlights change oh-so-subtlely (sp?) along with the dress spots. Fun!

Gail said...

Very very cool!! Hope she's bringing that dress to the conference. We can't wait to see Holly and Marty!


Glenda said...

That is just too cool!

My hubby just bought us one of the lesser expensive versions of Photoshop last week, but I haven't tried it out yet. I have a feeling once I start putzing around with it, I will look up and hours will have passed ;-) . . . which is okay, as long as I don't have other things I want to get done instead.

Being Pagan said...

wow Holly! that's amazing (Yes, blatantly jealous of your talents!)

I love the hair lights, Rachel mentioned the other day she would like to get some like yours. I told her maybe for Halloween,