Wednesday, August 15, 2007

they all rolled over and one rolled out

Kirby's not gone yet, but because of work he didn't go to Santa Fe yesterday when the rest of us did for the interment of his uncle's ashes at the national cemetery there. Here's Marty, Holly, me and Keith, August 14, 2007, outside the little shelter where the ceremony was.

We visited my dad's grave while we were there. He met Keith, but never knew our children.

We went to lunch and then back to the cemetery for a while more.

Holly slept all the way home, with her head in my lap.

Tomorrow morning, Kirby and I are leaving for the HSC conference in Sacramento. I'm Sunday's keynote speaker. Kirby's on a panel and doing a workshop on games dealing with history. I'm looking forward to getting to spend some time with him (in planes and airports, at least; I might not see him much at the conference). We return Monday afternoon, and he leaves for Austin early Wednesday morning. I don't know if he'll be there for a year or two, or for thirty years. I'm glad it's only one state away, but these are some very big states. I think it's over 12 hours of solid driving. I cannot personally drive for twelve hours (hardly even two), so he is going out of my range.

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kelli said...

Sweet pictures. We miss you guys and we're sad that Kirby is moving further south! I guess we just have to visit Texas some time now. Abbi has a friend down there, just a couple of hours from Austin, so she'd love it--a couple of her favorite people in Texas :)