Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Robotic secretaries and Minnesota (unrelated topics)

'What are your hours?"
"Where are you located?"

I expect these are only the first of many calls which cause confusion between me and a stranger, but the confusion will be less now. "Zangara Dodge" sounds to voice recognition phone robots like "Sandra Dodd," I guess, and so I have printed out the phone number to put near some of our phones, so we can help these poor people and so I won't be as frustrating to them as they are to me.

We don't look as similar as we sound, except for the sky and mountains to the east in each photo, but I was in Santa Fe...

I'm getting ready to go to Minnesota. Holly and I leave Friday morning and will be gone for eight days. There's a conference Saturday. I'm the keynote speaker, and am doing a workshop later in the day, too. We're going to the Minnesota Renaisance Festival on Sunday with the Traaseths, and then up to Bemidji sometime in the week to Duluth to be happy tourists. Keith took me and the kids there some years ago when they were little, but I don't think Holly remembers. Duluth felt a little like Santa Fe to me, in some kind of visceral or mood way. Cleaner, though. Quieter. *WAY* more water. I haven't been to Bemidji before, and I'm looking forward to seeing an exotic place so different from New Mexico.


Schuyler said...

Oooh, we were just there. If you get a chance, go to Gooseberry Falls it is beautiful, and a fun place to climb. It probably won't be warm enough to going for a dip now. There is also a statue to the Civilian Conservation Corps, I had two great-uncles who worked in Northern Minnesota with the CCC, which started up some cool conversations.

Oh, and Simon and Linnaea had a fantastic time at Lutsen Resort, which has an alpine slide that you can sled down on a wheeled sled. Next time we go we need to buy the day pass for there.

Have a wonderful trip!

Sandra Dodd said...

Zangara Dodge closed in early 2009.