Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Changing our back gate

Keith has wanted to put something on the gate to keep people from seeing into the yard so easily, but I wasn't thrilled with the idea.

Then he thought of this, and I love it! We've grown this bamboo (whatever giant grass is called bamboo around here), and we talked about making some kind of coyote fence with it (poles lashed into sections with baling wire, a local custom). Keith thought of lashing just a few together—four or five&mdash and working them into the ironwork.
We need more of them to finish it off. Right now they're every-other-spot, and not all the way across. When it's filled in it will be like a bamboo wall that opens with a remote control. I think at first, this month, people will assume that the bamboo is for Halloween decoration. I'm looking forward to putting Christmas lights on it in December!

This is what our gate looked like without the decorations:


zamozo said...

Cool idea! But, will it dry out or will you be keeping it alive somehow?

Sandra Dodd said...

It will dry out and shed its leaves (fronds, whatever bamboo has) on the driveway and in the alley and I'll put them in the compost bin that's right near there. Someday it will be just bamboo poles, but it will still block the view, and they're just hooked on with wire and easily replaced! (We're growing more, whether we like it or not.)